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I’m an experienced designer and technologist with a professional background that ranges from pre-seed startups to 100+ year-old organizations. I specialize in UX-centered product design, management, and development, and I have hands-on experience with all steps of the product cycle. I also write, give talks, and teach on the intersection of design and technology, and I have exhibited conceptual projects at Haus de Elektronischen Künste in Basel, the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, Gray Area in San Francisco, and Carnegie Mellon’s Art&&Code conference in Pittsburgh.

current interests

  • supernatural horror
  • climate anxiety
  • serialized fiction
  • disco & funk
  • esoterica & trivia
  • military history
  • un-scaling
  • niche networks
  • no punch humor
  • mario & friends
  • visual novels
  • films about women
  • pranks
  • reality tv
  • star trek
  • color theory
  • economics and business strategy

practical skills

  • interaction design
  • programming for web
  • figurative painting
  • illustration
  • DIY prototyping
  • small scale solutions
  • product strategy

currently available for

  • workshops
  • talks
  • writing
  • consulting
CV and case studies available upon request.